THE ROCKET MODEL – Boosting team performance

Teams are the fundamental building blocks of todays organizations, yet only 1 in 5 are high-performing.

Elevate your team's potential with the Rocket model!

In today's fast-paced business landscape, high-performing teams are the key to success. But what makes a team truly exceptional? It's all about understanding the dynamics and unleashing their full potential.

As a certified coach for the rocket model, I can help you achieve just that!

The rocket model is a proven framework that ignites team excellence and a set of tools for boosting team performance. It can diagnose team dynamics and provide leaders with specific tools and activities to improve team performance.


It was created in response to questions and requests from managers working in organizations worldwide managers struggling to transform their people into effective teams.

The rocket model for team leadership is based on more than 30 years of scientific research and studies of groups and teams


Transitioning from an individual contributor to a leadership role is a formidable task, one that often presents individuals with unforeseen challenges. This new position brings with it a distinct set of hurdles that may be entirely unfamiliar.

For those new to the managerial realm, navigating the corporate landscape can appear overwhelming. Initiating this journey is no easy feat, which is why first-time manager training is pivotal in fostering the growth of a thriving organization.


Our approach is rooted in two decades of collective expertise spanning various industries, continents, and departments, complemented by insights gathered from cutting-edge scientific research.

Although many new managers grapple with shared difficulties as they adapt to their newfound responsibilities, we advocate for a personalized approach with each client. We firmly believe that one-size-fits-all solutions fall short of addressing the unique needs and challenges faced by individuals in their respective leadership journeys


The specialized training program is designed for experienced team managers seeking to elevate their leadership skills to new heights!

Our comprehensive course delves into the intricacies of team leadership, offering valuable insights, not typically covered in standard programs. From navigating challenging and emotionally charged conversations to honing your coaching abilities and mastering proven frameworks for igniting team excellence, we provide you with a powerful toolkit for enhancing team performance.

With over two decades of experience in managing teams, I've encountered and successfully resolved a wide range of situations, from direct and indirect reports to overseeing multifunctional teams. Many of the topics we cover are rarely addressed in other courses, making this training a unique opportunity for your professional development.

This program will significantly enhance your leadership acumen, enabling you to evaluate, assess, and develop individuals who seamlessly integrate into your team, thereby enriching your organization's culture. You'll sharpen your people management skills, gaining the confidence to tackle even the most challenging scenarios, all while acquiring invaluable frameworks and tools to supercharge team performance.


Join us on this transformative journey, where you'll emerge as a more adept and confident leader, equipped with the knowledge and skills to drive your team to unparalleled success


Unlock Your Potential with “Bruce Lee of Self-Management”

Are you ready to tap into your personal and leadership potential like never before? Welcome to our groundbreaking program, the “Bruce Lee of Self-Management.”

This program goes beyond traditional training methods. We seamlessly integrate science, sports, focus, energy, nutrition, meditation, sleep, and your body's natural rhythms. The result? Empowerment on a whole new level.

We firmly believe that effective self-management is the key to personal and professional success. To lead others, you must first lead yourself.

Our program achieves this by aligning your values, physical training, emotional intelligence, and social skills with your natural body clock. The outcome is a personal transformation like no other.

What makes us unique is how we combine time management, self-improvement, and corporate athlete principles with circadian rhythms into one holistic approach.

Are you ready to master self-management, unleash your peak performance, and lead with excellence? It all starts with embracing your internal rhythms.

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