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Merchant Services


At Lateral Business Services, we are experts in connecting you with the right merchant service provider. As POS dealers, our business is usually of better quality to the merchant processors and that gives us the unique ability to negotiate some of the best rates in the industry.

Many agents don’t realize the advantage of connecting merchants with processors that specialize in their particular industry – or with their particular processing equipment. We are agents for multiple different processors and processing networks – and through our unique agency business model – can offer processing that is genuinely in the best interest of your company.

LOW Rates

Are you only interested in the LOWEST rate possible? We have negotiated LOW buy rates for our value conscious customers. These processors frequently ask that you process with certain equipment, agree to receive e-statements, or sign a term agreement in order to get their lowest rates.

Full Service

Would you like a free terminal?? Maybe you have had your processing service go down for a period of time and don’t want to have that happen again. Many of us can agree that service is the major difference between processing companies. We have processors that specialize in 24 hour customer service and technical support. Many will overnight you a new machine if yours were to go down, no questions asked. Others offer a free machine and ongoing free paper just for signing up and processing. Let us know your number one wish from processor of the year, and we will try to make it happen.

POS or Market Niche

We work with front end processors that can offer compatibility on virtually any back-end network. This means that we can convert and process with almost any POS software. Additionally, we work with processors that specialize in certain markets, such as Convenience, Liquor, and Restaurant (and many others). These processors can offer discounts to businesses in these markets and often offer certain perks that are of particular value to the businesses in their niche.

Internet / Gateway

We are an reseller and can connect with any other gateway that you could need. We have web experts on call to help you design a site or we can work with your web designer to connect your internet business to payment processing. You pay your web hosting company for web hosting, why also pay them to connect you to THEIR processing service? We will work to negotiate the best rates, gateway fees, and funding times with our network of processors and will beat the other guys any day.


Let us show you how to SIGNIFICANTLY lower your processing overhead by switching transactions on to a DEBIT network. These transactions are generally lower in cost than processing via Visa/MC – and allow the ability to offer cash back

We also are a full service ATM company – so offer your customers the convenience of cash, process less with the credit card networks, and get paid to have the machine in your store. Ask us how to pay for your POS system with an ATM in your store!

With all of these options, it is clear that we are the experts in payment processing. Contact us today and let us know how YOU want to process. We will work with your vision to design a custom processing plan that serves your business the way YOU want. We offer a full line of processing, POS, and ATM equipment – including installation services and have many years of experience in the marketplace. Let us go to work designing your no-obligation, custom processing plan and enjoy the benefits of having Lateral Business Services behind you for every sale, every transaction, every day.